Sex! the Podcast : Episode 15: Sex and the Movies w/Brandon Ruckdashel

In this episode Erika talks with Brandon Ruckdashel who has starred in erotic films as well as televisions shows.  Brandon talks about some of experiences as well as some trends he has seen in his own dating life.

Find Brandon Ruckdashel in the world: 

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Sex! The Podcast : Episode 7 : 5 Tips for Talking to Your Kids About Sex

I'm so excited to share this episode with you. Today, we're talking about everyone favorite thing. Talking to your kids about sex, and I want to share 5 easy tips to make your job as a parent, a little simpler! Talking to your kids about sex is super uncomfortable, which is made even harder by the taboo in our society placed upon sex. Making sex ugly and shameful. Which is totally not true! Sex is a beautiful thing, really fun, and feels good. Not to mention that it helped create those joyful little ones we love more than ourselves!

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