Sex Therapy

I know it sounds a little scary, but sex therapy helps you discover and relate to your sexual self. It’s not about you and me, it’s about you and how you interact intimately with others in your life. You’ll learn how to become intimate, work through shame around sex, and conquer your fears in discovering what really turns you on.

I’m a kink friendly therapist and I won’t ever judge you for what others may consider to be not normal. It’s all normal, everyone has things they like and things they don’t. I guarantee that you won’t offend or surprise me.


Couples Therapy or Marriage Counseling

I see couples all the time, I love working in the mess of relationships. We’re all messy, it’s okay! What you’ll learn in couples therapy is how to handle the mess of life. Let’s work through things like sex, infidelity, trust issues, past trauma that affect how you interact with each other. I also see folks who are in non-monogamous and poly-amorous relationships, I just like to use couples as a “catch all” for the relationships between people.


Individual Counseling

If you struggle with things like anxiety, depression, eating disorders, sexuality, or relationships, let’s work together to create the path to the person you want to be.