Toy Review Feature! DocJohnson OptiMALE Recargeable Vibrating C-Ring

Erika’s Note: this was a sponsored review of the DocJohnson’s OptiMALE Rechargeable Vibrating C-Ring

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Thank you, HUSTLER Hollywood, for carrying this toy! Initial reactions to unboxing the DocJohnson OptiMALE Rechargeable Vibrating C-Ring (Silicone) is the ease in which it came out of the box.  The box was easy to open and had very clear instructions for use and CLEANING!  Yes!!  It is so important to know how to clean a toy a person has invested in, and the box had it clearly marked. 

The C-Ring is smooth to the touch, comes with a long cable for charging, and a travel bag.  Again, all easy to open and put to use quickly.  When I turned on the C-Ring it buzzed immediately for a responsive experience of the on button.  The on button is located on front part of the bullet and was easy to find.  The button lights up with tempo of the vibration which also makes it easy to find visually. It did take a little finesse to get the charging cable plugged into the top of the tip of the C-Ring.  Once I figured out how to insert it I was able to insert the cable easily the second time.

The vibration just from initial impression from unboxing was firm and went through the entire toy down to the stimulation nubs that are on the bottom of the ring itself. The different vibration setting appears to be easy to access as well.

Now after use by myself and with a partner here are my takeaways.  First, with a partner the toy’s ring is firm and easy to put on with the use of lubricant (use a toy safe lube folks).  The ring is not overly stretchy but is pliable.  My partner reported the firm feel and softness of the silicone material.  The bullet of the C-Ring fit nicely on my vulva without much manipulation from myself or my partner.  It stayed put even with much movement and shifting of bodies. 

My takeaways from single use without a partner include some of the same takeaways from my experience with a partner.  Each vibration setting is easily accessible to change to your preferred type of pattern.  The first three settings are low, medium, and high, then the pattern of the vibration changes after the first three.  The shape of the bullet is slim and gets thicker in the center with a bit of a point at the tip.  At the very top of the tip is where the covered charging port is. 

The vibration of each setting is fairly good.  I often find myself wanting stronger vibration from any C-Ring I have used.  The vibration was sufficient and was sure-fire and consistent throughout the entire use either partner or single play.

I am glad that HUSTLER Hollywood is offering this toy as it is a great toy for couples who have never used a C-Ring before.  The comfort, ease of use, clean-ability, and charge-ability make it a great option for those searching to increase pleasure in the bedroom. 

As a sex therapist I am often encouraging the couples I work with to include novelty and newness into their sex lives and this is a great entry to using a toy together, especially if you have never done so.  I am also pleased to see HUSTLER Hollywood offering a wonderful silicone body safe toy, that has care instructions that are easy to understand and implement.  This is a reasonable cost for a toy that will become part of your regular rotation either by yourself or with a partner.

My shopping experience on HUSTLER’s website was easy and quick, and the packaging that came in the mail was discreet.

My overall take is positive of the toy and am encouraged to have a useable couple’s toy that can switch easily for single play. 

I have included an unboxing video on my Patreon.

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