4. Butt Stuff 101

In this episode, we get to talk about what it means to try the "butt stuff" or anal play or anal sex.

Foreplay, Masturbation, Penetration, Oh my!

Consider the following things:

  • Just like your genitals, learn what feels good, what works for you, and use lubricant.

  • Start slowly! Communicate with your partner!

  • I mentioned lubricants (we have no affiliation setup with these companies!): Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • The partner who is being penetrated MUST be in control! Saying STOP is OK! You have to set ground rules for this experience!

Here's some tips:

  • No need for waxing, enemas, or pre-maintenance.

  • Porn isn't real! It's a performance and not sex you would normally have with your partner!

  • Small toys are great to start with!

  • Breath!

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