Sexual Spark

Relationships matter. Feel like yourself again, and learn to reconnect with your partner. Learn how to cope with the new challenges that present themselves as we grow. Find out how to connect with that spark in your life over 8 weeks. Receive continuing community engagement and access through a private group. Click the button below to schedule a consultation to see if we're a good fit.


Get scheduled for the next group

The next Sexual Spark Coaching Group starts May 24, 2018 and meets for 8 weeks on Thursdays, 6 to 8 PM Pacific Time.


What you'll learn in group


discover your spark again

As we grow, our relationships evolve, for better or for worse. Sometime we find that we fail to find the luster in our partner. 
Learn how to find new ways to fall for your partner again. Find out what makes you spark again.


feel connection

With the Sexual Spark group, get connected with others who find they're in similar situations to yourself. Feel connected with others in a guided conversation to promote healthy behaviors. Find your strength in the strength of others.


get in touch

With group coaching, learn good coping skills to deal with the daily grind. Learn to make time again for those special connections in your life. Process through with your partner and get in touch with them again.