Group Therapy


Tackle the hard stuff with the power of community...

Group therapy is beneficial for a variety of reasons, and is proven to help people heal effectively and efficiently. Here are a few reason why I love group therapy.

  1. Group therapy helps you understand you are not alone!
    This is one of my favorite parts. I love watching the eyes of my clients light up when they see others who are just like them, dealing with the same things!

  2. Interpersonal Communication!
    When you interact and receive feedback from group members you are able to gain a better understanding of yourself, which is a crucial part of the healing journey.

  3. Feeling of Belong to Something!
    Because everyone in the group has gone through something similar to yourself and has the same goal, you will feel a sense of belonging and acceptance.

The buttons below will take you to the groups I currently facilitate. If you are interested in Group Therapy, click one of the links below to schedule a consultation!

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Sexual Spark

Does your love life need a little spark? Work, life, kids can definitely make you feel zapped and "uninspired." You're not alone! Erika Miley is offering an exclusive online therapy group geared specifically for you!


*If you’re scheduling an appointment, you MUST live in Washington, Idaho, or Florida.