Group Coaching

Group coaching has many benefits over therapy. No diagnosis required, no insurance to stand between you and your dreams, and no borders.
Get ready to build a new you! Check out the groups offered below and when the next group session starts.


Sexual Spark

In this group, learn to find love for yourself again. Reconnect with your passion & desire. Make the most of your relationships while using a group that struggles with the same roadblocks!


Podcast Interviewing

Find out the tricks to being a great podcast interviewer. Learn to get around the prepared soundbites and talking points. Get the real answers to your questions and create authenticity in your podcast!


Power Negotiating

Negotiating is tough stuff. For Power Negotiating, you'll discover ways to create win-win scenarios that deliver amazing results. Using highly focused listening skills, you'll find out what your clients really need and offer them the best deal!